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Yamapi Kingdom

Masterpost to translations, downloads, and more

Yamapi's Kingdom
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About us

Here you're going to find news/media/others about Yamashita Tomohisa, best known as Yamapi. Please don't forget this simple rules:

No bashing. This means no insults and I expect that no hurtful words between us. It's sad when fans of the same person fight.

Respect (and tolerance). To everyone of the points of view here, you may not agree with somebody but there isn't a reason to be mean to the other person.

Pi-only related news. I know that he was part of NEWS, that's why post of that era (and even before his debut with NEWS) are allowed.

Use of tags. It can simplify the management of the community.

Almost all entries must be locked. Media Download as well as translations must be members-only. Graphic post (example: avatars, banners, logos, moodthemes) as well as fanfiction don't need to go locked.

You can always ask if you have questions, either you leave a message here or send a PM, I'll try to answer asap.

Whatever you post must have a source link (in case that what you post isn't yours, you need to put credits).

Use LJ-Cut. If the entry has more than 3 lines, please use LJ-Cut, not everybody likes to have ther F-list with a mega post.

All post must be inside the community, only post links to your journal if your entry will remain open to everybody (I'm agains of the open just for 3 days or so, so... is either on the community locked members-only or your journal must be open...It's not nice to friend somebody just because you want one video or one translation)

Remember, you can open discussion topics, sells post, Fanfiction (if your fic has more than 5 chapters, please do a masterpost, that way can be easier to follow your creation) and there is no limit to the graphics post (yeah, you can post only one avatar and it'll be ok).

Welcome to Yamapi's Kingdom!!!


Mods: yamapi_mod

*This is going to increase once we start having activity.*

Afilliates: This zone is to honour those sites that want to be affiliates with us, so please check them out if you have time!!!

Forums: http://www.yamapsuki.com/
Currenttly we don't have an affiliation button, but once we have it we are going to put it here.

Credits Layout: shiss
Credits Layout: soufflemonster

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